Peredovik Sunflower


2 lb will broadcast over approximately 8,000 square feet


All seasons in Hawaii


In Kaneohe, Oahu

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The Peredovik sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is a specific variety of sunflower that is known for its unique characteristics and uses. Here are some of the key differences and features that set Peredovik sunflower apart from other sunflower varieties:

Oilseed Variety: Peredovik sunflower is primarily grown as an oilseed crop. It is valued for its high oil content, making it suitable for oil extraction. The oil extracted from Peredovik sunflower seeds is commonly used for culinary purposes, as well as for industrial applications such as biodiesel production.

Black Seeds: One of the distinguishing features of Peredovik sunflowers is the dark black color of their seeds. This sets them apart from the traditional gray-striped sunflower seeds that are commonly found in other sunflower varieties.

Non-Confectionery Use: Unlike some other sunflower varieties that are bred for confectionery or snacking purposes due to their large, tasty seeds, Peredovik sunflowers are not typically grown for snacking. Instead, they are cultivated for their oil-rich seeds, which have a high oil yield and are well-suited for oil processing.

Small Stature: Peredovik sunflowers tend to have a relatively smaller stature compared to some other sunflower varieties. This compact growth habit can make them easier to manage in agricultural fields, particularly in situations where space is limited.

Drought Tolerance: Peredovik sunflowers are often favored for their drought tolerance and adaptability to a range of environmental conditions. Their ability to thrive in drier climates or areas with limited water availability makes them a suitable choice for regions where water resources are scarce.

Soil Improvement: Like other sunflowers, Peredovik sunflowers have a taproot system that can help break up compacted soils and improve soil structure. Additionally, the residue left after harvest can contribute to organic matter content when incorporated into the soil, enhancing overall soil health.

Wildlife Attraction: While not commonly grown for birdseed, the seeds of Peredovik sunflowers can attract various wildlife species, including birds and small mammals, which feed on the oil-rich seeds.

It’s important to note that the characteristics of Peredovik sunflower can vary depending on factors such as climate, soil conditions, and specific breeding or genetic traits. Before selecting any sunflower variety, it’s recommended to consider your intended use, local growing conditions, and goals for cultivation to ensure that you choose the most appropriate variety for your needs.