Kalo is one of our staples.  

We are located and farm on the East side of Oahu, Hawaii

about us

Connecting communities of Hawaii to increase food sovereignty

Living and farming in Hawaii has its challenges.  Along with prioritizing the love for the land, we continue to grow food for our Ohana and our larger community.  

We appreciate your business, as every purchase helps to provide food for our loved ones.  

We love to grow crops like kalo, uala, papaya, casava, and chinese cabbage.  We try to grow what we like to eat, and like to eat what we grow.  We choose to grow food following a “no-spray” method that depends on cultivating a very dense crop that is heavily diverse and thickly populated.  In spaces where you would normally find weed mat, or bare earth, you will find many different beneficial plants, fostering beneficial insects, and thus, natural defense and support.