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Small Packs contain approximately 25 grams of seed

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Red sun hemp is a cultivar of sun hemp (Crotalaria juncea) that has been bred for specific traits. While both sun hemp and red sun hemp are tropical legumes that are commonly used as cover crops, there are some differences between the two.

One of the most noticeable differences between sun hemp and red sun hemp is their appearance. Red sun hemp has a reddish stem and leaf petioles, while the stem and leaf petioles of sun hemp are typically green. Red sun hemp also tends to have more branches and a bushier growth habit than sun hemp.

In terms of growing requirements, both sun hemp and red sun hemp are tropical plants that require warm temperatures and well-drained soil. However, red sun hemp has been bred to have a shorter growing season than sun hemp, making it better suited for areas with a shorter growing season or where there is a need for a quick cover crop.

Red sun hemp has also been selected for its ability to produce more biomass than sun hemp. This means that red sun hemp can provide more organic matter to the soil, which can help improve soil health and fertility. Additionally, red sun hemp has been found to be more effective at suppressing weeds than sun hemp, which can be beneficial for farmers looking to reduce the use of herbicides.

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